Sunday, February 4, 2018

Mixed Media Warm Winter Wishes

Hello Everyone!  Today we are taking a break from Valentines and crafting mixed media greeting cards re-using holiday cards and packaging.

Show your friends and family how much you enjoyed their cards by crafting new ones using elements from the cards they gave you.

These cards are great for winter birthdays, thank yous, or just to send a warm thought and a smile to a sick friend.

These were made by cutting a packing box into panels that will fit on an A2 sized card.  Peel some of the paper off them to add a little texture.  I used some waste copier paper and printed "Let it Snow" with my printer, then glued pieces of that randomly on the box panel.

Paint the panels with light blue and glue cut-outs from other cards on them, for these cards I used snowmen cut from holiday cards I received this year.

Decorate the panels with glitter, snowflake gems, ribbon, confetti, and a sentiment. Use whatever you have on hand.

Layer the box panels on top of patterned or glitter paper, for these cards I used a light blue Craft Smith glitter paper, then glue everything to a cardstock base.

Now you are ready to send a thoughtful greeting to someone you care about.

I hope you liked this idea and will visit Faire Chase Lane again soon.

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